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Mask, use a mask with either copper or silver infused in the fabric

Best antimicrobial face masks, according to medical experts All about antimicrobial masks and where to buy them. The best antimicrobial masks are from Atoms, American Eagle, Copper Compression, American Giant and more.

Useful supplements:

Black Seed Oil
- has over 101 benefits to the human body
-build up the immune system
-Heart Disease -High Blood Pressure
- Anti-inflammatory
-Respiratory System builder -Fights Cancer -Liver Health
-Anti- Bacterial ****The strongest Black Seed Oil!!*****

Sea Moss
- 92 of the 102 minerals that make up are the body.
-build up the immune system
-rebuilds the mucus membrane
-energy boost
-Helps levels blood sugar
*Gel, Powder, Capsules*
*You should be able to find the gel on Facebook Market Place, someone is making the gel

Neem Leafe
- Very strong anti-bacterial
-Detox the blood
-help build up the immune system

Mullien Leafe Tea
-Breaks up Mucus
-Asthma, and Bronchitis
-Lung Health

*You can buy the leaves from Amazon, use a kettle to make the tea*