Our History

In 1946 Rev. & Mrs. D. A. Goston moved to Southerland Place Addition. The first services were organized in his home until they could find another place to worship. Realizing that many of the people living out here were far removed from their home churches; and transportation was very poor, he organized this church and named her St. Mark. Later a house was rented on Mable St. now named Makula St. It was here that the first Deacon Board was chosen. The first members of the church were:

Rev. & Mrs. D. A. Goston Sis. Clara Jackson
Sis. Gertrude Bush Sis Mary Johnson
Dea. Floyd Bush Dea. Walter Jones
Sis. Nannie Bush Sis. Lula Lee
Sis. Emily Daniels Bro. Ned Lee
Bro. Jackson Daniels Sis. Laura McCoy
Dea. Robert Foster Sis. Cora Mills
Bro. Willie Foster Sis. Martha Polk
Sis. Beatrice Gibbs Sis. Carleon Price
Bro. Lee Gibbs Dea. W. C. Price
Bro. Willie Hamilton Sis. Clementine Warren
Sis. Irma J. Hamilton Dec. J. C. Warren

The first Deacons were Deacon Foster, Gibbs, and Jones. The first Mission President was Sis. Price who served for a short time. Then Sis. Bush was elected and she served for many years. Sis. Kearney and Sis. Jonnie Mae Allen also held this office position.

Sis Beatrice Gibbs organized the first choir and we sang together with or without music. The late Sis. Wille Foster was our first church clerk. Sis. Hamilton kept the books for a number of years along with Sis. Goston and Sis. McCoy. Sis. Jackson served for many years as well. The first Superintendents of Sunday School were Dea. Bush, Bro. and Sis. Kearney, and Frank Hale. There were others who also held this office without ever being elected.
Pastor D. A. Goston  Founder

The people had a mind to work. When Pastor Goston was out of town proclaiming Gods word, brother and sister Hamilton would open there home where a small group of us would meet for Sunday School, sing Gods praises, and pay our dues. Building shelter for our family was of the utmost importance for each one of us, but each one made sacrifices to help build Gods house. Our Pastor arranged for us to buy the property on Bivins St. where our old building now stands. A happy group of members assembled there to look at what the Lord had produced. We continued to meet at Pastor Goston's home until we were able to buy lumber to start our building. Pastor Goston worked hard as one of the carpenters on the building as well as the Shepard's of his flock. He worked without pay and preached without pay for many years. Even the woman helped pull nails and paint windows and benches. Soon we were able to have services in this building. We had an old wood heater that smoked but we were happy, for the spirit of the Lord was there. We had no electricity, natural gas or paved streets. When the Pastor would go out of town to preach, we would only have Sunday School. Other Minister's would come by and preach for us, like Rev. Townsend and Rev. Paige.

We moved from the wooden structure on Bivins St. to a new sanctuary on Big Sandy St. This is where Pastor Goston preached his last sermon and the title of his text was "The People Had A Mind To Work" coming from Nehemiah 4:6. On August 10, 1965 our pastor was called from labor to reward. This was the only funeral we had the 19 years Pastor Goston was our leader.

Pastor Shedrich Fleeks

In 1963, Rev. Shedrich Fleeks joined St. Mark and worked under Pastor Goston during the time of his illness. He was called to pastor in September 8, 1965. On August 10, 1969 we began to build our present church. We have seen many changes in our buildings. God had brought us from a small rented building to where we are now. Under the leadership of Pastor Fleeks, two sons in the ministry were born; Rev. Steve Latson and Rev. Rudolph Matthew. One hundred and seventeen member joined under the leadership of Pastor Fleeks. Pastor Fleeks introduced Alter Prayer, which was not apart of our order of service. The late brother Willie Hamilton was the first to respond until he was no longer able to attend.

In October 1969, we moved into our present building. Pastor Fleeks helped design and worked alongside the contractors. After 14 years of pasturing to Lord permitted Pastor Fleeks to move to Seattle in August 1969. Rev. V. Serrile pastured from 1980-82. Then the church called Rev. J. Scott who pastured from 1983-85. After returning back from Seattle, Pastor Fleeks was called again in July 1985. He led the church until he became ill and the Lord called him home on June 19, 1986. His last sermon was from Proverbs 3:5-7 entitled "Lord, What's Wrong With Me-Lord Change Me".

In January 1987: after much prayer the Lord blessed the church with another pastor, Rev. Melvin Hurst. Under the spirit filled teaching, preaching and leadership of Pastor Hurst, the church experienced much growth; both spiritually and numerically.


" The birth of (4) sons in the ministry
" Ordination of (3) Deacons and placing four (4) brethren on trail for Deacons.
" Organization of the Youth/Children's Church.
" Addition of Young Women and Young Men Sunday School Classes.
" Re-organization of the Youth Choir.
" Re-organization of the Young Adult Choir.
" Re-organization of the Male Chorus.
" Organization of the Drill Team.
" Outreach Ministry through Brotherhood.
" Bus/ Van Ministry.
" Purchase of four (4) lots.

The Lord moved Rev Hurst to organize a church in August 1998.
In June 1999: after much prayer the Lord blessed the church with another pastor - Rev. James Clark. Under Pastor Clark the Lord added to the church.

In September 2001, after much prayer the Lord blessed the church with Rev. Ray Anthony Lee Coleman Jr. Under Pastor Coleman the membership has grown. We have purchase a new P. A. system, and CD player with the ability to record our service (Tape Ministry). In the short time that Pastor Coleman has been here we have paid off all taxes on all property, started remolding of our sanctuary, and purchased storage shed.

Under the leadership of Pastor Coleman the church has been restructured to be more ministry orientated (Deacon Board - Deacon's Ministry, Usher Board - Usher's Ministry, Choir - Music Ministry). Pastor Coleman has taken the time to upgrade the leaders for better biblical leadership. It is clear to see that Pastor Coleman has been working hard to see the St. Mark Church on the move.